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Goose & Gridiron Clothing @ CUT CONNEX 2015
Posted by in News

Come check out and buy some of the hottest gear in the north! @ CUT CONNEX 2015!

Goose & Gridiron Clothing

What we are is quite simple.

We are Men, Women, Children, Aristocrats, Scholars, Warriors, Builders, Rogues, Nomads, Mongrels, Survivors, and most of all... we are KNWLDG.

We strive everyday in the endless pursuit of knowledge. If not only to better ourselves, may we use it to light the way, and help our fellow man.

Never give up. Take chances. Learn from mistakes. Live by your own morals. Never break your code for anyone you do not hold in regard.


This is our creedo.

Now, the question you should ask yourself is... what are you?