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NuWestNation Entertainment News Feature
Posted by in News

Born Cainin Hopeton Alliman Jr The second, Cainin Krow, was born on November 8th 1987 in Oshawa Ontario. At an age much to young to recall, Cainin moved to Calgary for a very brief moment of his life. At the age of five, after the birth of his youngest brother, Cainin moved to Victoria, B.C. where he lived for the next 14 years of his life with his mother and his two brothers, one of which was a writer, however, Cainin showed no interest in writing. Not until the age of 17 did he pick up a pen and write his first rhyme. Inspired by negativity, Cainin began to create clever rhyme schemes to clear his mind. His passion had open a portal to his escape from the different forms of affliction.

He continued to write every day, finding comfort in self expression. After being expelled from high school, Cainin moved back to Ontario with his youngest brother with the intention of going back to school. There, Cainin was able to dwell deeper into the lifestyle of an emcee and was taught unique techniques on how to deliver and craft rhymes, by his mentor and close friend Chris Bowman.

As Cainin continued to write and expand his skills, his perspective and his unique style of rhyming, he began to have a positive impact on his peers. Unfortunately, less then a year later, Cainin along with his two brothers and five others were falsely arrested. Cainin was charged and forced to endure the harsh reality of jail, but he persevered against the adversity of racism and misconduct of the justice system. After many court dates, all the charges were dropped against Cainin as well as his brothers. Cainin chose not to dwell on the mistreatment, rather determined to use every experience to better him self as well as to fuel the intensity, the message and the outlook of his soul. Every song reveals, in much detail, an enticing tale of his struggles as well as his triumphs.

Cainin Krow currently resides in Calgary, Alberta and continues to further elevate his lyrical potential. With already a feature on the popular mixtape series "Coast2Coast Mixtapes", where he was able to shine, alongside, with other well known established artists such as Reed Dollaz, Lil Wayne, Bun B, Devon The Dude, Lloyd and many others, on the "Northwest Radio 3" tape. Cainin Krow is also featured on Sacramento/Vancouver artist Young Kazh's "Kuruption Camp" 2012 album on the "Def Stef" produced track "O'l Skool" alongside one of Cainin's older brothers childhood friends Oklahoma/Compton producer/artist Rappin Rick. Additionally, Cainin Krow has opened for T-pain, Juicy J, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and continues to overcome and surpass all obstacles within a spectrum of limitations.

With only two mixed tapes released, "Nu West City" 2008 and "The Absence Of Presence" 2015, Cainin Krow is currently working on his first official album titled "Funk Nebula" with the independent label, known as "Nu West Nation Entertainment" established by Joel Kokaram. Cainin Krow continues to excel, while losing, absolutely, no momentum. Look out for "Gypsy" which will be the first single set to release sometime before fall 2015."