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Canada’s Cream Of The Crop
Posted by in News
Canadian music has taken giant leaps to be noticed in an American-dominated market and with the success of artist like Drake, Justin Bieber, Robin Thicke and many others, Canada continues to prove that the Maple leaf country has hit making talent that can compete in the music industry and demands it’s respect. Likewise OhNo! Entertainment has teamed up with XXL Magazine to reveal it’s Top Canadian emcee’s which will be first highlighted online at as summertime advertisement and will be followed up with a 2 page spread in this years 2015 XXL Magazine Fall edition calling the spread “Canada’s Cream Of The Crop”.

The 2 page spread will showcase 16 of Canada’s top rising artist to look out for in 2015-16. Making the list in his second return to the XXL Magazine is A&R /Artist, Cash Bradshaw; Canada’s female emcee Shawtee Re; Just finishing up his tour in Europe Doug Crawford; Sentral Soldiers own, Toronto representing Young Stitch; the adrenaline junkie Jon James; The Canadian Prince, L.I. Freeze also know as The Real Kid Canada; One of Canada’s most reputable artist J.Thaddeus; The Multi talented Sinzere; The Canadian Silverback Big Shay; Freebase Records own Str8Gutta; The Kid with the unorthodox flow Banknotes; West Coast influenced, with the raspy voice Ol Skool; 124 st. Inglewood Edmonton Savage Offset; Winnipeg’s dynamic and emotionally rich Dele-O; The other half of the GMS savage squad Smoke Savage; and Canada’s newest lyrical threat BG.K. That’s not all, you can also expect a 36 track mixtape entitled, tracks on the mix tape, which is set to drop Late July early August “Canada’s Cream Of The Crop”, including 4 Bonus cypher 2015, hosted by Detroit’s King Of Hype Dj Young Mase and that’s not all, you can also expect 4 cypher music videos and behind the scenes video and pictures as well and trust me Canada’s Cream of the Crop is coming with some heat and proving once again that hip hop isn’t dead, it just lives up north.